My name is Nathan Taylor-Conboy and I have been teaching piano, keyboard & theory lessons in Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding area since 2002. I teach students of all ages and abilities with the aim of making playing an instrument a fun and rewarding pursuit for life.

Learning to play an instrument fosters creativity, discipline, a sense of achievement and an appreciation for different types of music. I believe that every person can become a great musician and one of my goals as a teacher is to help make that possible.

Fun and rewarding lessons

At TC Piano Studios, I teach different styles of piano, including pop, rock, classical, jazz, country, funk and more. Whether students are interested in learning to play the piano for enjoyment, working towards examinations, public performance or high school credits, or coming back to the piano after a break, I help to create a personalized curriculum which is fun and keeps students focused on their goals.

Many of my students learn using The Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program, which is a well-rounded approach to developing musicianship used by millions of students and educators in Canada and the US for over 125 years. Other students prefer to focus on learning music from favourite artists, genres & Youtube, performing with a band or group, arranging, music theory, recording music and composition and many other pursuits. More studio and lesson information is available here, or contact me to set up a free trial lesson where we can discuss your interests or those of your child – I’d be happy to hear from you!

About Nathan

I am an Ottawa-based musician and teacher who has performed, recorded and studied music for many years. My current musical projects include work with the newly-formed three piece cover band Jambon, private solo piano performances, writing and recording music with the band The Juicy Juicy Streetrats and performing on a volunteer basis in Ottawa. I was previously a member of several local groups, including as the keyboardist for The Start, an Ottawa-based British rock band (check out their website here!) from 2009 – 2012.

I have been fortunate to work with many, many musician friends, supportive teachers and incredible students over the years and on an ongoing basis – thank you!


Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher