Grade 2 Repertoire: 2015 Celebration Series

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Gr2rep184Grade 2 Repertoire: 2015 Celebration Series

Solo Piano (2015)


List A: Baroque and Classical Repertoire

Allegretto in C Major
Christian Gottlob Neefe

Impertinence, HWV 494
George Frideric Handel

Menuet en rondeau
Jean-Philippe Rameau

Gavotte in A Major
Daniel Gottlob Turk

Menuetto in C Major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Air in D Minor, ZT 676
Henry Purcell

German Dance in B flat Major, Hob. IX:22, no. 5
Franz Joseph Haydn

Ecossaise in G Major, WoO 23
Ludwig van Beethoven

List B: Romantic, 20th-, and 21st-century Repertoire

Soldier’s March, op. 68, no. 2
Robert Schumann

On a Quiet Lake
William Gillock

Fanfare, op. 60, no. 8
Vincent Persichetti

A Little Song, op. 27, no. 2
Dmitri Kabalevsky

Atacama Desert
Wynn-Anne Rossi

Half Asleep
Christopher Norton

Octavio Pinto

Little Red Wagon
Teresa Richert

Quiet Lagoon
Jon George

The Silent Moon
Nancy Telfer

Little Piece No. 3
Marko Tajcevic

I Spy
Melody Bober

Turkish Bazaar
Mark Mrozinski

The Sparkling Brook
Margaret Goldston

Perwinkle Twinkle
Anne Crosby Gaudet

The Waltz That Floated Away
David L. McIntyre

List C: Inventions

Invention in C Major
Renee Christopher

Invention in A Minor
Frederick Silvester

Cornelius Gurlitt

Jazz Invention No. 2
Pierre Gallant

Courageous Cat
Teresa Richert

Canon in F Major, op. 14, no. 95
Konrad Max Kunz

Little Dance in Canon Form
Bela Bartok