Jazzin’ Americana 2: Early Intermediate

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Jazzin’ Americana: 2 (2016)
9 Early Intermediate Piano Solos
That Celebrate American Jazz
By Wynn-Anne Rossi


The Big Swing
In the style of swing

Cotton Pickin’ Blues
In the style of work songs

Jazz Waltz fur Elise
Inspired by Ludvig van Beethoven’s
‘Fur Elise’

Jungle Jazz
In the style of Duke Ellington

Miles of Mixolydian
In the style of modal jazz, Miles Davis

Soulfully Blue
In the style of soul music

Walk on, Basie!
In the style of walking bass, Walter Page,
Count Basie Orchestra

Woodsheddin’ Etude
Jazz exercise

Yellow Basket for Ella
Based on ‘A-Tisket, A-Tasket’
American Nursery Rhyme
In the style of Ella Fitzgerald

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