Summer 2024 lessons

Summer Lesson Times

2024 summer lessons will be offered from late June to August. There is a 10% reduction on lesson rates during the summer term (does not apply to makeup lessons). To register for summer lessons, please use the Student Portal:

• Login to the Student Portal at
• Click on the Calendar from the main menu on the left
• Navigate to June, July and August to see available open lesson slots
• Click on the approximate lesson time and lesson location (studio, virtual or in-home) that you would prefer
• Click register and confirm in the pop-up window

The open lesson slots are one-hour blocks to help with scheduling and may change depending on availability. Please select times and dates that might suit. I will contact you to confirm the specific time and location of your lessons.

Student Portal Setup Guide

More detailed instructions and information about the features of the Student Portal can be found in the Student Portal and Virtual Lessons Setup Guide, including:

• how to register for lessons and studio events
• access online resources, including video and audio files
• automatic lesson reminders, and more!